What is passage or corridor?

A passage or corridor is a form of hallway or gallery which is typically narrow in comparison to it’s lengths and acts as a link connecting different parts of a building. It often has entry points to rooms along it.

Use of passage

Passage or corridor helps to increase the efficiency with which people could move through inside home, buildings, while also turning rooms into a series of dead ends by separating circulation from destination.

Passage design requirements

The design of passage or corridor is largely depends on the functions of the building. For example; Hospital passage or corridor will need to be wide enough to allow flow of human and equipment traffic including beds, and wheelchairs. Hotel passage or corridor need to be robust enough for suitcase wheels, trolley and so on. While home passage or corridor is not as wide as public or institutional buildings. In Design of passage or corridor it is advice able to inculcate proper lighting, be it natural or artificial lights to avoid dark corners and allow easy circulation.

Since passages or corridor is integral part of our home ,house, appartment, hotel ,hostel, shelter,offices and building structures. We should treat it with utmost importance by giving it thorough finishes starting from Design, decoration and organization for better comfort and aesthetics.

Top 31 passage design ideas

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